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Bear Hunt PictureTriple Track Hunting offers a variety of different hunts for predators. We have over 20,000 private acres in Northwest Colorado on which we hunt Black Bear, Coyote, and Mountain Lion. We have an amazing 90% success rate on all three species.

On most of our predator hunts we use game calls to attract the animals, or spot and stalk, which can make for a very exciting hunt. The sight and sound of one of these animals at only a few yards can be very intense.

Black Bear Hunts: $4,500.00
Black bear hunts include lodging and meals as well as one on one guiding.

Black bear licenses can be bought with any deer or elk license for the same season or can be bought separately.

Predator Hunt PicturesMountain Lion Hunts: $4,500.00
During the winter months (late February to late March) hunters have the rare opportunity to harvest an elusive Mountain Lion.  Lion hunts are a truly exhilarating experience, which with luck; end with a close encounter with one of nature’s most efficient predators.  Lions are hunted using hounds, and once the dogs are on the track the excitement begins.    There are few places in the world that can rival the mountain lion population that inhabits our hunting area, and success rate on Mountain Lion is over 80% with almost everyone getting at least an opportunity at a cat.  Lion hunts are full service and include lodging in Creekside Guest Cabin, meals, guiding, and all transportation.

Coyote Hunts: $250 a day
Coyote hunts can be conducted any time of year but are most productive in the winter. Coyote hunts include lodging and guiding.

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